Friday, October 8, 2010


Ne-am gandit sa nu mai aratam doar partea urata a 'goathelor' din Romania, ci sa postam si poze ale unor persoane care sunt opusul unei pitzigoth. Prin aceasta noi nu incercam sa dam un tipar persoanelor, ci doar sa aratam ca stim sa apreciem ceea ce e de calitate.
Prima persoana pe lista noastra este: AnOrecsiA

Locatia: Bucuresti, Romania
Ziua de nastere: 6 Aprilie
Yahoo: shecriesthequietlake69
Skype: devils_whore669

Muzica favorita: "Last.FM - most of the music i like you may find there
i am pretty strange when it comes to music. i am diffrent from most "dark and sensitive" people you've met. i actually LOVE the music, the sound and the lyrics and pretty much don't give a damn about the artists's social life. i am not a walking encyclopaedia. "

Filme favorite: "in no particular order (except maybe the way i remember the titles): amadeus, irreversible, el labirinto del fauno, coraline, up, 12monkeys, RHINOCEROS EYES, THE FOUNTAIN, pi, MEMENTO, the libertine, the brave, the laramie project, into the wild, SHINNING , american history x, if only, jeux d`enfants ,meet joe black, picasso, the illusionist, lolita, american psycho, the butterfly effect-1, the lord of the ring series, sleepy hollow, charrlie and the chocolate factory, 9 songs (yeah..i know its a porn movie,so?)"

TV Shows: "in gura presei, miami ink, mithbusters, occ, dr.90210 (this is just because im trying to convince myself never to have a plastic surgery!)"
Carti preferate: "i dont have a favourite one or two. tell you after i'll finish readying all the books ^^ "

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Anonymous said...

puteti sterge aceasta postare va rog? nu vreau sa ma "aprecieze" nimeni. thank you but no thank you!